3 lakes ranch cows

Born and raised in Georgia, Todd has been working on ranches for over 30 years. Todd landed on Three Lakes Ranch in Knoxville GA. From there, Todd and his family work daily tending to their cattle where they practice rotational grazing. The cattle have the luxury of being herded several times a week to a fresh pasture, nourished by surrounding organic matter. 

The ranch’s name comes from the three lakes surrounding the area. Entering the Ranch, you pass over a dam and cut through two of the lakes. The beautiful scenery is painted with limitless grassy hills, making it any cow's dream. 

January 2022, Three Lakes expanded their production when they installed a USDA-certified processing facility. Beef production rates were surpassing processing availability so Three Lakes Ranch took to building an on-farm facility where they too, process their beef.

With a lifetime's worth of ranching experience, Three Lakes Ranch strives to provide high-quality Grass and Grain Finished beef. Three Lakes Ranch prides itself on the quality of its product and is excited to share that with its community.