3 Lakes Ranch has is the go-to destination for beef lovers across Georgia.

We raise, process, package, and ship to you.

From our Family's ranch in Georgia, to your family's Table.

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Why people have been buying from 3 Lakes Ranch for 30 years?

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100% Fresh | 100% Natural

Our product is proudly labeled as '100% fresh' and '100% natural' to assure you of its exceptional quality.

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Quality Assurance

Each cut meticulously selected and inspected for freshness and flavor, reflecting our dedication to raising cattle with care.

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Covenience Fresh Delivered

At 3 Lakes Ranch, we understand the importance of convenience in today's fast-paced world.

Straight from Our Ranch

Enjoy beef straight from our own ranch, skipping the middlemen for the freshest, top-notch beef from Georgia.

The Freshest, Sustainable Meats

Family Owned & Operated

Welcome to 3 Lakes Ranch: Where Family, Fields, and Fine Beef Converge.

Immerse yourself in the heartwarming story of our family-run ranch, sprawling across acres of lush, grassy fields. Meet Todd, Brandi (his dedicated wife), and their children, all united by their passion for raising exceptional beef.

With over three decades of invaluable ranching experience, Three Lakes Ranch is committed to delivering the epitome of quality. Our products bear the prestigious USDA certification, assuring you of their superior standards and uncompromising excellence.

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Ranch to Table

3 Lakes Ranch has its own USDA processing plant, located here on the ranch. We are recognized by IMI Global, which is a part of Where Food Comes From, Inc. We are also certified by Good Animal Partnership (GAP) as well as adhering to the Never Ever program standards. This means our products have no hormones, no antibiotics, and are not genetically modified. The ranch’s landscape is organically nourished. We offer grass fed as well as grain finished product.

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