Farm Questions 

Where do you raise your beef?

Can I visit your farm?

Are your farms organic?

What type of grazing practices do you use?

Does your farm raise any meat other than beef?

Product & Beef Questions

Why is your beef delivered frozen?

Do you offer any meat other than beef?

Is there a discount for larger orders? 

What cuts do you sell?

Can I get different blends of ground beef?

Is your meat antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free?

Do you give your cattle any mRNA vaccines?

Is your beef dry aged?

Are your animals harvested humanely? 

How will our beef be wrapped when we receive it from you?

How long will our beef be safe to use once it is in our home freezer?

Ranch Box Questions

Why do you sell mostly in bundles?

How much freezer space do I need?

How many pounds of meat can we expect?

What is the ratio of steaks to slow cook cuts to ground beef?

If I order a whole beef share, do I get all the cuts on the cow?