10Lb Premium Beef Box

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FREE SHIPPING -- Premium Beef Box 

Contents may vary, but a typical box will include: 2x Ribeye Steaks, 2x New York Strips, 2x Tenderloin Filets, 4 x 1 lbs. packages of Ground Beef, and to build to the 10 lbs. we will include cubed steak, hamburger steak/patties or beef tips.

FREE SHIPPING -- We ship on Mondays. We will email you a tracking number and an eta as soon as your box leaves our ranch.

All of our meats are no steroids, hormones or antibiotics - Pasture raised Certified/Verified G.A.P (Global Animal Partnership) - IMI Global Certified (A division of Where Food Comes From Inc.).

We cut out the middleman. This isn’t what you would get from a grocery store. Know your rancher and where your food comes from. We raise our cattle on our ranch right in our backyard. Not only do we raise it at home, but we have our very own USDA inspected processing facility on our ranch, too! Everything processed and packaged right in our backyard! It’s all done AT HOME!!!

Three Lakes Ranch, where our PASTURE RAISED BEEF is raised RIGHT.